the dog days are over

As we enter the dog days of summer, I realize how much I have blogged in my head, and how litte I have actually blogged.  I thought I would take pictures and keep track and post all these journeys of our summer so you all wouldn’t worry about us.  Some days I couldn’t.  Some days I tracked, but didn’t post.  So I will rewind, quickly through our summer, since SCHOOL ALREADY STARTED.

Here is the first day of school, Thursday.

Before that, we played with cousins:

Grace went to an amazing 8 day summer camp near South Lake Tahoe with Anni and Kiki – and we celebrated official pigtails day as we dropped them off!

Over the 4th of July we went to Disneyland.  Grace rode a very special horse on the carousel.

Wherever we went we were surrounded by love. 

Andra was never far from our minds, this summer, as we did some of our same old summer things, and tried some new summer things.  We are mostly holding up, and continue to be grateful for all of you holding us up when we can’t do it for ourselves.  Love may never end, and while it is still a million degrees here, some things, like summer vacation, do come to an end.  Hope yours are wrapping up nicely.

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