money CAN buy you love

Along this wandering path, someone said “I love that heart. I want a necklace of it.”  Since I just need people to tell me what to do these days, I went ahead and made Melissa a necklace of the Andra Heart.

I made some extras.  If you want one, you can buy one, and $20 from each necklace (that’s the whole profit) will go to support the Andra Heart Foundation.  The Andra Heart Foudnation is a 501c3 we started to help us save the world.

A photo, or two.  Either email me at or else go straight to Ebay CLICK HERE  (item number 110726664918) to buy on credit.

Necklaces are red or stainless, and are $40 each.

The necklaces are about one and one half inches wide, and comes with an 18 inch chain. 

Thanks to the artist, Melissa Borrell, who helped us with the creation!

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3 Responses to money CAN buy you love

  1. Michelle says:

    Sometimes I need people to tell me what to do. I just went to Ebay for the first time ever and purchased a red Andra heart. Thank you! I will wear it proudly!

  2. Dannell says:

    Jade was so excited to see you at school, she gave us the bracelet’s (we put them right on)Jade was sure to tell me about the necklace and I will be ordering her one.

  3. Jillian says:

    These are amazing! Love…will be ordering one myself.

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