like a thief in the night, a scavenger hunt

I am perpetually stealing from Jennie.  She’s that cool. This we stole from her whole family, I think. 

The Mitchells have some kind of Walmart based scavenger hunt, and I don’t remember all the rules but we have made up a few hunts of our own.

 We have used it on Andra’s friends, and Grace and her friend Emma did one at Walgreens the other day.
We have given a lot of thought to some new ideas for spending money.  Because we need some new ideas…

Here is Grace’s scavenger hunt list, ranked from easy to hard.

We enforce the following rules:

If you shop with someone else, you can’t both get the same item.
You get 5 points for each item on the list.
You lose 10 points if you go over budget.
The person closest without going over budget gets an extra 5 points, and
There are extra credit points in some of the assignments.

You can make up your own rules, and your own list, and if you get everything on the list the rest is mad money (one of my favorites was when we had an item “something to eat” and being very intrested in spending their mad money on makeup, Andra’s friends got a single lime, a single tomato and a single lemon – genius!) but this is a fun way to work on math, and, according to Grace, learning the value of money.  No point investing it in the stock market.

                Bonus:                                                                Bonus:
                Smells like vanilla                                          If it is pink
                Has lemon in the name                                If it has a panda on the wrapper
                Budget $12

Happy scavenging!

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