October. Ow.

As we started last week, rocketing forward towards the first anniversary of the worst days of our life, I was surprised to find that the whole week was dragging us down in sympathy for the days at the end of it.

I expected, and planned for it to be difficult.  I didn’t really expect the flashbacks and the recurrence of thoughts and images I have learned to manage – that now again, I can not manage.

But through it all, we did last week what we have done all year.  Protected ourselves, surrounded ourselves with people who love us and who loved Andra, and kept busy with things that honor Andra.

Last week, we dedicated the garden at the Children’s Museum Tucson.  It is beautiful.  And a very positive place for remembrance.

We had an open house.  We painted beautiful Andra Heart Ben’s Bells.  We packed 20 shoe boxes for Operation Christmas Child.

Our sweetest member battled pneumonia.

And yet, we survived it.  The year.  The day.  The day after day heartbreak of missing someone so much it actually hurts. 

And honestly? We couldn’t have done it without you.  Thank you.

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