These days, it seems like it has been long enough that we shouldn’t miss Andra as much as we do.  These days, it seems terribly strange that it doesn’t seem so strange anymore.  But we do, and it is.

Last week when we were on vacation in Seattle with my Mom and sisters, I noticed all of us doing something that make me think of Andra, and I thought to myself, “There is so much of her in each of us.”  Whether she got it from us, or we got it from her is irrelevant.  She is with us. We’re like her.

Friday we went to the cemetery with some of Andra’s friends.  We piled flowers on her grave, and we left love notes in the secret compartment we built in for love notes. And while I have debated posting a photo of the headstone, here is the shot that changed my mind.

Although faint, you can see the reflections of Hailey, Lily and Tiffany in the finish of the headstone. We didn’t plan it that way, but there they are. 

Not only is there some of Andra in each of us, but we are all a reflection of her goodness and love.

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2 Responses to Reflections

  1. Michelle says:

    absolutely beautiful… thank you for sharing!

  2. Julie says:

    Wow! It brought tears to my eyes to see the reflection of the girls there! So glad they got to spend that time with you!!

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