I called that getting tricked by business

This week, in addition to watching golf at the Accenture Match Play tournament and going to watch the rodeo, we took a page from this cool blogger and we attempted the:

Banner stolen from Younghouselove.com – because they said I could.

We have been doing our versions of challenges for years – we copied my cousins the Mitchells, and then we tried a version with Andra’s friends, after which Grace crafted an endless set of fun challenges at most of the stores we go to.  There are cash limits, and challenges – for example, the first one we did was $8, at Walmart with Andra’s friends, and you had to get something to eat, something on sale, something for your hair and then you could spend the rest on yourself.  It was amazing how creative they were – buying a single lime ($.10!) as their food, or buying a hair tie ON SALE to maximize the left over cash.  

In spite of its wildly inappropriate content, I can’t help but like the song Thrift Shop, by Macklemore and Ryan Lewis.  So I sent it to Jennie, who sent me this.

We love a challenge…

We cruised in with our $20.  At first, I wasn’t sure we could do it.  But while we officially name Kara the winner, we all ended up with some good loot.

$20, $20, $20, $20 (not shown) and some Starbucks.

I found me a Big A$$ Coat with a real fur collar! And yes, that is my patent coach bag thrown on the floor behind me.

Andra was lurking around every corner at the Goodwill.  Which makes sense – helping others hunting for a comeup is just her kind of thing.

Kara’s winning loot:
A pillow man, a poster, a pin board, a Grad mug in her school colors, a shot glass, and hello!  A tiny saw!

Julie’s loot:
An elephant pillow, a book, a candle, mini loaf pans, and a U of A beanie!

I got MOMA note cards, a snack maker (yum!), a tags on Gap angora sweater, a ray ban glasses case, and ceramic flowers for the imperial throne (code word for the cemetery).

And Grace pulled us up by buying some fantastic glass jars for her room to store makeup, Romeo and Juliet and Alligator VCR tapes, plus a present for each of us and for one of her friends.  Always thinking of others, that girl.

I am grateful to Young House Love,  a new favorite blog – in the words of Jennie, its writers are bright, upbeat, but not so perfect we can’t still like them.  I have to agree with her, because I pretty much always do.

All in all, I think the trip was a win.  I didn’t rebuy anything I had donated to Goodwill myself (although there was something I was looking for), we had a good time, and I was reminded that when I donate our stuff, I always say “I just want someone to use it” – and here?  People do.

Aside:  There are so many great lines in this inappropriate song, one of my favorites is this:  Referring to paying $50 for T shirt – “I call this getting tricked by Business.”  Indeed! 

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2 Responses to I called that getting tricked by business

  1. Jacki says:

    We are huge fans of this song and its spirit of thrift. We think its f**ing awesome!! And you and Jennie. We’ll be trying this challenge soon!

  2. Michelle says:

    Love it!! Wyat did some photography for him while he was in High School… yay Maclemore has his day!!

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