Project: Total Home Transformation

We have lived in this house for 10 years.  I know this, because the lowest marks are the growth chart wall are from February, 2003.  Grace was 2.  Andra was 4.

After several years of focusing our energies on other things, I realized that we needed to pretend this was a new house and start in one corner, and clean and paint it. 

This week, we committed our time to this project.

Day 1: We cleaned. I vacuumed and dusted just about anything I could.  Like lampshades and blinds. 

Day 2: Bought paint.  Lots of paint.  Transferred heights from the growth chart to a cleaned up version of the growth chart.

Day 3: Vacuumed and dusted the taxidermy.  For real. Found  a love note from one of the girls (I supsect Grace) in an air duct that I was vacuuming several cat’s worth of fur from.  Got Grace’s room painted (by Isaac ). Went to the bank / tire place / post office / car wash / doctor. Played Chutes and Ladders and finished a puzzle of baby animals. Took pictures and switchplates off the walls.  Took Grace to the allergist.

Day 4: (STILL ONLY TUESDAY) Painted the master bath walls and ceiling.  Went to a meeting.

Day 5: Baby gets oral surgery.  Ouch.  And painted the laundry room walls and ceilings white.

Day 6: Isaac painted the hall and ceilings.  I painted the laundry room cubbies green.

Day 7: Went to work. Ran errands. Got my flat tire fixed.  Put all the laundry room crap back.  Hug up some artwork.   Realized Easter was in a day.  Bought eggs.

Day 8:  Prepped for Easter.  Put things away. 

Day 9:  Easter.  So. Done.

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