Snake Season

Tonight we worked in the yard until almost dark, planting some flowers in huge new ceramic posts I got for the front porch.  Because we needed another project.

Phil went to turn on the irrigation to check the lines to the new (did I say beautiful) pots, when I heard a string of loud and kind of bad words from his vicinity.  He put his hand in to turn on the water and a western diamondback rattlesnake stuck its tongue out at him. 

We have more than 4 seasons in Tucson, because in addition to spring, summer, fall and winter, we also have Snake Season.  That is the time of year we don’t walk on the sides of the road, or close to bushes or rocks and we remind the girls to keep an extra eye out.  They know what to do if they see a snake – take 2 slow steps back and yell for help.  And Andra was tested last year and she did exactly that.  Good girl. 

So tonight, we had the girls listen to the snake’s rattle as a reminder of what they are listening for in this season. Then we did what anyone would do.  Phil shot it, asked Andra if she wanted to skin it for a belt (duh – of course she said yes), and Grace asked if you can eat snakes for dinner.  Don’t worry, we didn’t eat it.  We just put it in the freezer.  For later.

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5 Responses to Snake Season

  1. jennie says:

    I HATE snakes, and would probably wouldn’t be as cool as Andra or Phil if I saw one. But a belt made from a snake your dad shot in the yard? What could be cooler. It might be as cool as a belt made from a snake your cousin’s husband shot in their yard. I’m just sayin’.

  2. jack sgarlata says:

    I would be expecting that we would be having rattlesnake in the NYE “Sweet N Sour Dinner???

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  4. I have never known a more vulgar expression of betrayal and deceit.

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