Elementary Orienteering

On Sunday, the girls and I spent the day with my college roommate Jacki and her family – here are all our girls – 8, 7 6 and 5.  Aren’t they sweet?


Unfortunately, thy are also somewhat crafty.  Sunday night about 9:15 Jacki called to ask if my kids were in bed.  They were.  She asked if they were asleep.  They were.  I asked if her children were in bed asleep.  They weren’t.  They were on the roof.  With a bag of stuff.  On their way to my house to see Grace. They had a secret plan with Grace. 

So as the terribly scary idea of Anni and Kiki walking down a busy street in their jammies gripped me I had a little thought “Use your power for good and not evil!”.  Which is exactly what I said the next morning to Grace.  With wide eyed surprise she let out a “How did you know?” and a “How did Aunt Jacki find out” and a “I bet they forgot to close the window behind them”.  I asked Andra if she knew about the plan and she replied “Yes, but I told them it was a bad idea, especially since they don’t know how to get to our house.” To which Grace added “I gave them a map.” with an “I’m so sure I would invite them over to walk miles in the dark with out giving them a map” tone. 

As if.  So here it is.  Here is the map.  In spite of the risk that some crazy stalker will see this and come over, I think it was important that you all know Grace would never put someone at risk without clear direction.   You may want to print it in case you need to come over sometime.

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5 Responses to Elementary Orienteering

  1. jennie says:

    the two middle girls look a lot alike in this picture! Do they in person?

  2. Christine says:

    Ah, that map is hilarious!! I love it! I can just imagine Grace saying . . . duh, I drew them a map! 🙂

  3. Kim says:

    Jenine–I am cracking up! Grace is just too funny for her own good! That reminded me of The Great Chocolate Bar Incident. The one where Grace snuck candy bars into her bed, unwrapped them and then fell asleep . . . and there was the split second before you realized it was chocolate stuck to the side of her head and not something else . . . 🙂 I hope my kids are half as entertaining as yours.

  4. Mostly Jenine says:

    A little on the outside, and a little on the inside, too :).

  5. Jacki says:

    I love the way that picture lines up with our mischievious, misguided two in the middle, with identical smiles and the more rational ones on the outside with identical tilts of the head. For the record, Anni claims to have drawn the map (with Grace’s excellent instruction).

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