Is that really where my chi is?

I very much missed my family over the weekend, in a way.  As I was kissing Grace goodnight last night, I told her I loved her and that I was glad she was back.  She told me in that dreamy sleepy voice, “I was already back, in your heart, Mom.”  Sweetie.

I drowned my sorrows for their absence in serious shopping, but had a final piece I had to resolve today.  As I was running through the mall on my lunch hour, feeling a little stressed with Grace being “”sick” at Grandma’s and actually having a job and all I was confronted by the sporty “Tai Chi” massage guy, offering a chair massage to fix my chi in 10 minutes.  I have never done that before (at least not at the mall), and I was feeling a little tense so I did it. 

I was unaware that my chi was in my derrière, but apparently, it was.  He gave it some serious work, and at least once I thought “Whoa!  This is a family place!” before I realized that the line he could cross was probably limited when I was sitting in the middle of the mall, in a high traffic pattern, next to the play area. I did feel better, so maybe he does know where the chi hides.  I am glad its not there anymore. 

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1 Response to Is that really where my chi is?

  1. Jillian says:

    Ahhh I think I need to pay a visit to that man…my chi is in some serious pain. Had a lil fall on the roller blades. On a side note, been MIA for a month and your blog was a great thing to return to…keep up the good work and laughs!

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