Bob Mackie and Beauty Shops

Yesterday, Phil bought me the most expensive dress I have ever owned.  The list price was more than what I spent on my wedding dress.  It’s a Bob Mackie.  Regular price (as if there is such a thing as a regular price Bob Mackie – there is nothing regular about it) $795.  Cost to Phil?  $25.  He threw in a sassy pair of $650 black suede pants with pick stitching for another $25, and I am so in.  Who doesn’t need black suede pants in August in Tucson?  And who can’t use an extra Bob Mackie in the closet?  It is amazing how sensible we are.  Full credit goes to Beth, my personal shopper for alerting me to the items, and calling to put them on hold.  Partial credit to Phil, for picking them up.  Mrs. America pageant, September 2007?  Eat your heart out.  (Blog participation note: my neighbor has requested I buy another dress anyway so you can all vote again – I will get Beth right on that).

Today, after completing night 2 of 3 PTO “back to school” nights, I came home hungry and weary.  There was a mysterious box from Amazon, and in it was the greatest stuff ever.  Jacki sent me 2 books – one called The Heavenly Village, and one called God Went to Beauty School.  I love the mysterious, no reason box.  And the book of poetry – its like I was ahead of her when I Saw Jesus on the Street.  God opens a nail salon and goes roller blading.  Trys a desk job (but doesn’t like it).  I knew I saw him running around down here.  It’s good stuff.

So I guess I have no reason not to pick up my step a little.  I have beautiful clothes and some great reading.  A girl could do worse.


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1 Response to Bob Mackie and Beauty Shops

  1. Christine says:

    How the heck did you find a Bob Mackie for $25? That’s a steal?!

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