Life As We Know It

We took a break this weekend.  Phil is away, and he called me Thursday from the road to say “I think you need to get a away for a while.”  I think he is right.  We have spent the last 3 or 4 weekends at my Dad’s and I have been there almost every day for one thing or another. 

The motorcycle is sold.  The car is sold.  All the stuff is gone, sold or donated.  Little spiderweb fibers of Dad have found their way through the city and I hope his stuff makes other people happy.  The house is painted.  The handyman’s been called.  The realtor is almost ready to go.  I see, way off in the distance, a small flicker of light.

So this weekend?  I should have gone to his house, and I didn’t.  We stayed home.  I started to read a book for the first time since Snow Flower and the Secret Fan – yes, that was JUNE’S selection for the Box of Wine Book Club.  I am currently reading The Other Boleyn Girl, hey – I am pulling from September, at least! We bought ipods and learned how to load them up and listened to Amy Winehouse Rehab (marked for Explicit lyrics) and Nickelback’s RockStar (surprisingly not marked for Explicit lyrics) way too many times.  Andra had 2 sleepovers.  Grace and I shopped and ate cheese fondue. 

I slowly began to reclaim the months I have lost.  I unpacked a box of the girls things from summer camp (from July).  I balanced my checkbook. I opened the front door and sat on the front porch for the first time in months.  There is a whole bright world out there, and it was nice to remember.  Now if I could only go out to the back porch…  It would have been a PERFECT weekend to lie by the pool…

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