Who me?

I apologize to my regular readers, if I have any left.  I think you are probably getting tired of my neglect.  You may even be thinking it is time to dump this bad boyfriend and open your heart to the world – time to start looking for another blog to stalk.

Like I said, I am sorry.  I have adopted a few mantras lately, and they include such wildly inspiring options as:

        You can only do what you can do.

        Everything is going to be okay.

        Stop freaking out. (compliments of Grace)

Unfortunately (for you) I have been in town.  Then out of town.  Then in.  Out again.  I have been cleaning my house.  Then my Dad’s house.  Then my house, again.  I have construction at work.  At home.  Dad’s.  At again at work.  I have a couple seriously significant projects at work that need most of my time and most of my brain. Four fund raisers for the PTO with deposit after deposit after deposit.

I have been cracking a little, I admit it.  I am not telling you so you all rally and hire me a personal assistant, or anything, I am just saying that for the first time in years, or maybe ever, I think I can’t do all the things I really need to do. 

On top of that, I LOVE FALL.  I love the air, and the smell.  I am already getting excited about the idea of the holidays as a peaceful time when the house is all cozy and decorated, with candles, and garlands, and little bowls of nuts and candies all over.  When I start thinking about the fall I want vs. the fall I think I am going to be able to have this year?  That is when I have to bring out the new motto’s.  Everything is going to be okay.  I start thinking about the fact that I have done NO shopping, when I am usually well on my way by this time, and the beautiful catalogs are pouring in and I really don’t even have time to look at them.  Stop freaking out.  I realize I need to just finish.  Something.  You can only do what you can do.

So today, I have  done 5 or 6 deposits for PTO.  Printed a ream of paper (not kidding) for a work project I need to review.  Drunk a cup or two of coffee.  Sorted the mail for the week.  Faxed a contract or two.  Started the laundry.  And then, I asked the girls to “shop” in the donation catalog for our sharing jar and they are excited, and rolling coins.  The pool?  It’s full of water and they are coming to “start” it Monday.  It is fantastic weather outside, and we have a wedding to go to at 3.  Maybe it is time to go back to my original motto.

Write it on your heart that every day is the best day of the year. 

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