Quick! Call CPS!

Crab Protection Services, that is. 

The girls and I recently had a discussion about CPS, and what happens when they get involved and how important it is to look for signs of something that isn’t right – because sometimes, small signs that a kid exhibits could be telling a bigger story.

Andra bought red clawed crabs for pets.  They are pretty boring pets, and they are wily, and try and escape so they require a little vigilance.  We haven’t seen the crabs in a long, long time and I was thinking they were dead.  So this morning, I went in, and there, right in view under the castle was the big clawed crab.  And then, on top of it, was another big clawed crab and I cried out “Look!  Andra!  the little clawed crab’s claws grew in!  It must have been a baby!”  And ha ha ha we laughed in joy, the crabs weren’t dead.

So I pulled out the filter to rinse it, and HELLO!  small clawed crab is hanging out in the filter.  I have found SCC there before, and I cluck and chastise the dumb crab for getting stuck in the filter.  We never see SCC swimming around, and SCC doesn’t come out to eat.  Oh!  I think.  She was having babies, that is why we haven’t seen her.

But this afternoon when I came home, I once again went to check on our mysteriously growing flock of crabs, and hmmmm..  There was LCC.  There was a shell and various dismembered parts of LCC Jr.  And in the filter? SCC.

Maybe, I haven’t been paying attention to the signs, and SCC is hiding out in the filter to avoid getting EATEN. 

I think I should get a good night’s sleep and wake up tomorrow with some fresh eyes.  There is no telling what is going on around me that I have missed…

P.S.  Part of what is going on around me?  Kids.  Making out at lunch at Jr. High.  I went to pick Andra up for an orthodontist appointment and HELLO!  had to ask the make out crew to step aside and let me by.  Yikes!

P.S.S.  I know after an interminable absence, you expected something meaningful.  Well, maybe you need to look around too…

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6 Responses to Quick! Call CPS!

  1. Oh my god…Crabs as pet..I never thought of that before..Thanks for sharing…

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