The inner meanness of Krumkake

Today we worked on Andra’s heritage project, but only after we went and saw Santa, did some shopping, decorated holiday cookies at the neighbors and went swimming twice (at the neighbors). 

For her heritage project you have to bring in a recipe, and make enough for the class to try.  Andra chose lefse, but based on the schedule I just described there was no way to make that happen today.  So we borrowed Dad’s krumkake iron and got to work.  In the event you are unfamiliar with krumkake, it is a lacy buttery cookie you make on a small, special waffle iron, and then roll around a cone to form the cookie.  The tricky part is that the cookies are hot, so you need to roll quickly or your fingers get a little burned. 

So Andra started as the Roller, and after searing her little fingertips over and over, she finally said “Krumkake are really pretty mean, don’t you think?  At least we can get payback – because we can eat them.”  Quite true.   A little later, she switched to the position of Glopper, and she said “This krumkake iron is working really hard, it is sweating!” Describing the steam rising from the iron. 

She has a way with words, that one. 

Hunt Report:  Phil left for Mexico deer hunting today, and I think we will see him sometime by the end of the week.  He did leave me a to do list, and instructions in case he doesn’t come home when planned.  Here’s hoping the whole group is successful.  Soon.

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5 Responses to The inner meanness of Krumkake

  1. Shelee says:

    OMG! Someone else knows about lefse! My family is scandinavian (both Norwegian and Swedish) and we ALWAYS have lefse at holidays…Thanksgiving and Christmas. I’m hoping my grandma sends some along…she seems to be the only one to take the time to make it these days!

  2. jennie says:

    The only time I’ve ever made krumkake was with our Aunt Mary the year we got together for Christmas at Grandma and Grandpa’s place. It is kind of a painstaking (and somewhat painful) process… bravo (or whatever those Norwegians say) for giving it a shot!

  3. Intuicia says:

    Who knows why the sun shines on empty?

  4. Mozius says:

    Great insight, great article, and thanks for sharing it. How to subscribe on your blog ???

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