Happy Birthday

August 18 (otherwise known as yesterday) was Tom’s birthday (that’s Phil’s Dad for those of you not paying attention).  Phil is still hunting, so us girls –  Grammy included – went to dinner and had a big fat slice of lemon meringue pie, Tom’s favorite. 

Then the little girls and I came home, I had a drink (Mike’s hard lemonade, staying with the lemon theme) and I wrote thank you notes for about an hour and a half.  Who knew that you are ALWAYS supposed to send notes for the following situations:

Sympathy letters, flowers, or mass cards
After being entertained by your boss
For notes or gifts of congratulations

The boss one makes sense, and I guess I can see sending a thank you for a note of congratulations, but I think maybe the sympathy letters rule is just to keep the grieving busy.  It seems to be working, so far.

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1 Response to Happy Birthday

  1. jack sgarlata says:

    Jenine,Your whole BLOG idea is AWESOME…just like the shots!!! It’s so nice to get weekly and daily updates of a great family sooooooo far away.I don’t have to wait for the Xmas letter…that usually comes in January to find out what’s been happening.On a somber note,it’s been a sad weekwith the passing of Tom,he reminded me a lot of my dad,who also had MS.Just a kind and gentle man.It just makes me realize,that at my ageyou just have to go for the gusto…every day.Jack

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