Hey Jennie, Can I Borrow your Mom?

Tomorrow I am running off with Jennie‘s mom.  We are going to an adventure weekend where we will purportedly learn to become “Outdoors Women”.  We have some very interesting experiences coming – just basic outdoor skills, you know, predator calling, kayaking, bass fishing.  Things you could use every day. I hope it is not cold.  I hope the food is ok.  The first night dinner is prepared by the Dutch Oven Cooking class.  I hope they are quick learners.

We have lots of fleece.  Some long underwear.  Cameras.  And I am pretty sure we will be stopping for some alcohol on the way, just in case.  You should really be prepared when you head off for adventure, I am sure we will lean all about that too.  I’ll report back Sunday. 

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2 Responses to Hey Jennie, Can I Borrow your Mom?

  1. jennie says:

    Of course you can borrow my momma! Take good care of her. She’s a good sport and likes gin and tonics. It helps to keep away scurvy and malaria – and as far as I know, that may be the extent of her pre-weekend wilderness survival skills. Have fun!

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