Day 1. Here Kitty Kitty…

Day 1 – Predator calling.  A whole lot of listening to the Varmint Club Callers talk about varmint calling.  A little calling.  Cliff notes – sound helpless and tasty.  Wear camo heatnet and gloves. Waa Waa Waa.  Oww Oww Oww.  Wait.  Variation on Waa Waa Waa.  Variation on Oww Oww Oww.  Wait.  Option 1: See Varmint.  Option 2: Give up.  Here we are at option 2.  Fortunately, great backdrop.  Don’t miss us – lower right.  CAMO.  Woman with hand out was trying the old “pucker up and kiss your hand” option. 

Dinner by dutch oven cookers, mmmmm.   Evening program 1 – bats.  Evaluation – A+.  I love listening to people who are passionate about what they know.  Andi?  She LOVES bats.    Evening program 2 – American Indian music.  Evaluation – No comment.  Needed more wine to enjoy this one.  Unfortunately, I felt a little bad about the wine I had at dinner – some sweet young thing told her roommate that she couldn’t come to dinner because she knew that middle aged women drinking wine away from their husbands was nothing but trouble.  Jane and I couldn’t figure out exactly what kind of trouble we could possible get into there.  So, since I am middle aged, I was tired, and we went to bed.  So far, so good.

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