Heaven. And Peace on Earth.

We went to Minnesota last week and buried my Dad’s ashes.  It was a great trip, all things considered. 

The chapel was beautiful, the pastor did a lovely job.  It was great to see family, and spend time with them. 

But best of all, while Dad told us he thought his life here was heaven on earth, we found a way to give him peace on earth too, thanks to some quick thinking family members (I see a future in funeral planning for them…)

Dad wanted to be buried with his Dad, but the Veterans Administration denied his request.  So we let them bury him in his own plot, after the gut wrenching playing of taps, after the powerful 21 gun salute.  But before that, we snuck some ashes out, and sprinkled some on his Dad’s grave, and some on his Mom’s grave.

That way, we all get our way.  Like I said.  Heaven AND Peace on earth.

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